Shocking Supreme Court Ruling Could Make YOU a helpless victim...

Why You MUST Be Ready To Use Lethal Force At ALL Times...

You Can Forget Calling 911
 The Supreme Court Says Police
“Don’t Have to Show Up!”

From: Thomson, Illinois
April 19, 2020

Dear Friend,

Shocking, but true: Law enforcement is NOT legally responsible to protect you from crime!

Their cars may say "Protect and Serve" but in a Supreme Court ruling (that you've probably never heard of), it says...

Due to "sovereign immunity", law enforcement is only responsible for protecting the "public peace"...

That means they're NOT responsible to protect individuals like you and me from violent crime - they're not even required to respond if you call 911!

In fact, some cops have openly mocked citizens for depending on them.  They use the Supreme Court's ruling as an excuse to sit by while criminals run amok...

Just look at some of these "shelved and forgotten" cases...

  • 3 women sued the District of Columbia Metro Police after being beaten and raped for 14 hours DESPITE having called the police for help when they were first attacked... and lost the case in court!
  • Four-year-old Joshua DeShaney was beaten until brain damaged, suffering permanent mental retardation... after 5 months of abuse at the hands of his father. This while DHS social workers took no action to prevent the abuse - Joshua's mother sued... and lost!
  • On June 4, 1999, Jessica lost her daughters to an ex-husband who had gone practically insane. And even though she warned the cops about him, the police ignored her. What ended up happening was an all-out shootout between Jessica's ex-husband and the police... at the police station!

In all of the cases above, law enforcement stood by - after being contacted for help - while individuals were tragically, brutally, and unnecessarily violated at the hands of criminals...

AND not one member of law enforcement was ever held accountable!

With all the threats you face these days, you simply must be able to defend yourself, your family, and your property.

And the simplest way to do that is to own a firearm for self-defense... but the messy web of federal and state firearms laws can land you in the slammer if you're not careful.

Instead of defending yourself against criminals, you could unwittingly become one...

That's why I want to rush you - with your permission - a free report called Stick To Your Guns.

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Let me introduce myself...

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  • See the blog post written by a cop to his fellow officers that mocks 911 callers for "depending too much" on law enforcement. (Warning: this will tick you off)
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  • The TRUTH about the misguided gun laws that turned D.C. from the nation's capital to the nation's murder capital with crime rising to an incredible 200% above the national average.
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